Bangladesh: over 50 killed by lightning strikes


Dhaka: Lightning strikes have killed more than 50 people across Bangladesh over the past two days, triggering a panic among some people, said Bangladesh Authorities on Saturday.

After a nearly weeklong heat wave scorched Bangladesh, thunderstorms hit the country’s 14 districts on Thursday. The storm produced lightning strikes that killed at least 33 people. Another series of lightning strikes on Friday killed at least 23 other people.

The lightning strikes also injured numbers of other people in the past two days. Most of the people who died or were injured across the country were working in farmlands or were in open spaces when they were struck, police said.

About 90 people have been killed by lightning since March, compared to a total of 51 people in the whole of 2015.

Strong tropical storms regularly hit Bangladesh during the pre-monsoon and then monsoon season, which spans from June to September.