Bangladesh: 10 Dead in Ferry Sunk By Collapsing River Bank


DHAKA: Ten individuals were killed in Bangladesh on Wednesday when a waterway bank caved in on top of a stuffed ship and sank it, police said, and no less than 11 individuals were absent. Low-lying Bangladesh, with broad inland conduits and slack wellbeing models, has a shocking record of ship mishaps, with losses now and then running into the hundreds.

On Wednesday, a precarious stream bank given way and a gigantic section of mud fell onto the ship while it was secured, Ziaul Hasan, a police official in the southern region of Barisal, told Reuters. "No less than 11 individuals are still unaccounted for and the pursuit operation is in progress," he said, including that the collections of 10 individuals had been found.

"The ship was packed and conveying around 50 individuals," he said, adding a few travelers figured out how to swim shorewards after the mischance. Congestion is a typical component in Bangladeshi ship mishaps however little is done to enhance wellbeing despite the fact that the administration pledges to toughen controls after each enormous mischance.