Banana reduces risk of developing cancer and diabetes


Banana whether ripe or raw both are very beneficial for our health. We usually eat ripe banana and some like to consume its shake and on the other we consume raw banana by making its vegetable or chips. People eat more ripe bananas than raw. But very few people know about the benefits of raw bananas.Related image

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Raw banana contains potassium in large quantity, which can help you to strengthen the immune system. Not only this, by eating raw bananas, you feel energetic and feel yourself active. Vitamin B6, Vitamin C present in it gives you energy. Starch is also present in raw banana as well as antioxidant. Raw food consumed daily can be very beneficial for your health.Related image

So here are some benefits of consuming raw bananas:

Weight loss

People who are upset about their obesity should definitely eat them raw. The fiber contained in it is helpful in cleaning your body’s unwanted fat as well as poisonous things.Image result for Weight loss

Cure of constipation

As we told you above, fiber and healthy starch are available in raw banana which helps keep your intestines always clean. It clears any kind of filth in the intestine and makes it healthy. If you are suffering from constipation, start eating raw banana. It will be beneficial for you.Image result for Cure of constipation

Controls hunger

Often people are exposed to hunger problems from time to time. In such a way, raw banana helps in reducing your appetite. The advantage of this is that we avoid junk food or any other ill-generation food.Related image

Treats diabetes

Are you a diabetic patient? If the answer is in yes then raw banana will work as a medicine for you. Yes, at the beginning of diabetes, you start consuming raw bananas. You will soon get rid from this disease.Image result for diabetes

Strengthens digestive System

Eating raw banana daily, always strengthens your digestive system. Let me tell you, whenever you feel pain in stomach, you must eat raw. It will move your stomach problems from inside. It reduces your stomach pain like a medicine.

Treats Cancer

Raw banana removes many diseases, as well as protects you from major and serious diseases such as cancer. Calcium present in raw banana also helps in strengthening your bones.Image result for Cancer

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