Baloch activists stage protest in Berlin, raised slogan “Pakistan Murdabad, Thank You Modi”


New Delhi: Baloch Republican Students Organization's (BRSO) Germany chapter held a demonstration in Berlin today against Pakistan's atrocities on civilians across Balochistan. The protesters also raised the slogan "Pakistan Murdabad, Thank You Modi".

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BRSO spokesperson told media, "Post (Indian) Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remarks on genocide in Balochistan, Pakistan has stepped up its operation there. In the last 10 days they have killed around 90 people, but no one is raising voice against it or reporting it. They are forcibly shutting down our book shops where people go to read our literature and are raiding houses and kidnapping the family members of our activists."

He said that for now neither the Pakistani media nor the international human rights organisations are taking up these violations seriously. "The aim of this protest is to highlight the atrocities and call upon international attention to pressurize Pakistan to respect international human rights laws," he added.

The spokesperson further said that the United States providing military aid and support to Pakistan is further strengthening Islamabad's confidence. "Even after so many of our people have died, the United States is providing strategic and military support to Pakistan, which it uses for conducting genocide against its own people," he said.

"We request Prime Minister Modi to form a committee that could represent the issue of Balochistan in the United Nations and want to thank him and the Indian media for highlighting the issue," said BRSO spokesperson.

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