Badam Pista Basket


Almonds and pistachios make delightful mithai baskets.


1 recipe Badam Barfi
1/2 recipe Pista Barfi
a few drops yellow food colour
4 edible silver leaf (vark)

Death by chocolate cake


Make the badam barfi and pista barfi as mentioned in the respective recipes.

Add the yellow food colouring to the badam barfi and mix well.

Divide the badam barfi into 6 equal portions. Shape each portion to make a flower pot.

Divide the pista barfi into 8 equal portions.

Shape 6 pista barfi portions into rounds. Shape the rest of the pista barfi into a 150 mm. (6") long roll with 3 mm. (1/8") thickness. Cut the roll into 6 nos. 25 mm. (1") long pieces.

Stuff the badam flower pots with the 6 pista barfi rounds.

Decorate the flower pots with a pista roll handle to form a basket.

Garnish with the silver leaves and scraps of the badam barfi.

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