Babe in Blue ! Selena Gomez Show off her winsome curves as she poses in bikini during her Revival Tour



Selena Gomez posted a stunning photo of herself in a bathing suit on Instagram on Wednesday and garnered 1.5 millions ‘likes’ and 27 thousand shares in just two hours.

The pop starlet,23,showed off her winsome curves in a dark blue two-piece that appeared to have high waisted bottoms and a bikini top.

She posed for the camera with the bikini straps pulled down over her bare arms and with her long brunette hair left loose and tousled.

Selena show off her left thigh tattoo where she has inked the phrase ‘God Who Strengthens Me’ in cursive.

The Hands To Myself singer does just that, folding her arms across the exposed waist.

She is wearing very little make-up apart from some eye-liner and mascara and appears to be posing non a hot6el balcony surrounded by lush foliage and with a tennis court in the background.

Earlier on Wednesday, she’d shared a photo of herself in her dressing room at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville,Tennessee,where she performed Tuesday night.

She’s seen relaxing in an armchair wrapped in a blanket and clutching a coffee mug.

The photo,shot from behind, shows her reaching forward to tap on her laptop computer where a TV show is playing.

‘The one thing that gets me going before anything…Sheldon Cooper- Big bang Theory’, she explained in the caption.

Selena’s Nashville performance made major headlines Wednesday after it was revealed that her BFF Taylor Swift had been in the audience with new beau Tom Hiddleston.

Tom and Taylor were photographed leaving the gig hand-in-hand and inside arena,wre captuired on cell phone video bopping along to thee tunes.

Selena is on her revival tour,that kicked of last month.