Be Aware: These signs indicates the upcoming poverty in your life!

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Whatever happens with us in our day to day life gives us hints of something big happening. If we pay attention to these signs, we can definitely save ourselves from something wrong happening in near future.

According to the astrological science there are some signs which indicates the upcoming poverty in ones life and these are as follows:

Continuous Dripping Water:

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If there is a continuous leakage from any tap in your house then get it repaired immediately because dripping water indicates the unexpected and unwanted expenditure. Keep the taps of the house tightly closed and save yourself from the money wastage.

Remember Don’t waste water by throwing it instead shed it or give it to the plants.

Dry Leaves Of Trees and Plants:

If the plants in your garden area are drying then cut them immediately. As the dry leaves of plants indicates the increasing debts on an individual. Always keep green plants in the house.

Electrical Equipment: 

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If any electrical equipment is completely damaged or is not working, then get it repaired or throw it out as soon as possible because damaged electrical goods brings negativity and lowers the economic status of an individual.



Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures