Avoid making Tattoos on these body parts


Youngsters are very fond of getting inked their whole body without even knowing that it may lead to health problems. People who made tattoos on body just for fashion should avoid making it as it not good for health. Today we are telling you about the areas where you shouldn’t made tattoos:

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Avoid getting inked on that part of body where you have moles. This increases the risk of cancer.

Never make tattoos outside or inside the eye. Doing so can make your eyesight weak. The needle that tattoo makers use is not beneficial for eyes. The risk of eye infection can be increased. So, it is better to avoid tattoos inside the eyes.

Say No to tattoos on the muscles. It may lead to pain and risk of infection can be increased. So, do not make tattoos on your muscles at all.

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Tattooing on body part which includes mole should be avoided as the chances of cancer increases. Moreover, the needle that is used by tattoo makers goes deep into the body. The risk of infection is the highest on those parts.