Avoid These Food and Drinks During Periods


If you are on your periods then here’s a list of 6 foods and drinks that you should avoid.

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Caffeine or caffeinated drinks should be avoided during this time of the month. Caffeine cause severe headache and increases the anxiety level by narrowing the blood vessels. Try to drink healthy drinks like green tea or soups during your periods.

Image result for Caffeinated drinksAlcohol-

Alcohol results in irregular menstrual cycles and tends to cause increase in the levels of estrogen. Intake of alcohol during their periods cause severe soreness in women’s body. Instead of Alcohol you can drink coconut water.

Image result for AlcoholDairy Products-

Instead of processed food, you can have homemade foods. Dairy products like milk, cheese and cream increases the cramp pain. It is suggested to avoid intake of dairy products during your menstrual cycle. Opt for buttermilk or toned milk if you love dairy products.

Also do not consume packaged foods such as chips, cookies, bacon, meat etc during your menstrual cycle.The more sodium you consume during your period, the more difficult it is to retain water.

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Fried Foods-

Fried food contains trans-fats and hydrogenated vegetable oil that can increase estrogen levels in your body. This causes high mood swings. This is why it is better to not consume such foods when you are on your period. Choose roasted snacks or veggies.
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Sugary foods-

In periods the level of hormones is very high due to which blood sugar in your body becomes unstable. This is why you crave for sugary foods like chocolates and candies. Avoid sugary foods during periods.

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