Australia’s top ISIS recruiter Neil Prakash killed in Iraq


Melbourne: Neil Prakash, senior recruiter for world’s notorious terrorist group ISIS was killed by the US military air strike in Iraq.  He was the Australia’s most wanted terrorist. According to the information given by the Attorney General of US George Brandis Neil Prakash was killed on 29th April in Mosul, Iraq.

Attorney General said that prakash recruited Australian people and encouraged acts of terrorism.

Brandis said Prakash was “the most prominent and dangerous Australian” and had networks in both Melbourne and Sydney. He said that Australia help to identify and find out the location of Neil Prakash.

According to reports, the Melbourne-born Neil Prakash aka Abu Khaled al Cambodi was involved in several terrorist plans. He left Australia in 2013 and travelled to Syria where he began appearing in propaganda videos and calling for attacks on Australia.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has described Neil Prakash’s death as, “a very, very positive development.”