Australian MP shot and ate an elephant


An Australian MP ha bragged that he shot and ate an elephant during a hunting trip in Zimbabwe. During a speech about animal groups, Robert Borsak, the New South Wales MP for the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party, admitted he had eaten an elephant in Africa 10 years ago.

In his speech, he defended the practice of hunting and claimed humans have benefited throughout civilisation from killing animals and eating meat. 

"It tastes like venison," he said. "There are parts of the head and the neck which we sliced and fried with a bit of butter. It's very tasty."

“I choose to hunt and gather my own meat because it is my right to do so. It is a clean, organic, and sustainable way to live. I choose to cull feral and invasive animals because culling protects our native species and habitats, and I consider myself a responsible and ethical hunter and fisher.”

“Animals do not have intrinsic human right,” he told the Senate. “Humans have a right to eat meat if they choose to do so. It is as simple as that”.

Buckingham criticised Borsak for the salughter. "It's sick to shoot and kill an elephant for thrills, and it's revolting that Mr Borsak would eat the elephant…he's unfit for office."

"Elephants are not an endangered species in southern Africa," he wrote in the story. He added that the fees he pays to hunt the elephants go toward supporting impoverished villages.

The World Wildlife Federation lists African elephants as a vulnerable species.

Borsak also documented one of his elephant hunts in a blog post in 2007,  before he was an MP.  The post includes numerous photos of the two elephants Borsak shot on the trip.