Australian Family recovers poisnous snake from bathtub, see pic


In a dreadful incident, an Australia based family recovered eastern brown snake in their bathroom recently. When the family members came to know about the poisonous snake, they got shocked.  The deadly snake was chilling in their bathtub. The photographs of poisonous snake have gone viral on the social media. It was posted by The Snake Catcher 24/7 – Sunshine Coast on their Facebook page.

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“This is absolutely not what you anticipate to observe when you come into the bathroom,” it shared.

“It wasn’t a gigantic snake and they can get way larger than that – though clearly they are still extremely hazardous and poisonous,” Stuart McKenzie shared.

“The natives were pretty astonished – I’m certain they didn’t come residence and anticipate to look a snake when they enter in the bathroom,” he added.

The matter has left several FB users shocked.

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“When you go for that half asleep morning pee… check yo self,” says one Facebook user on the post. “This one is deadly,” FB user said.