Australia cuts stay of ‘457 visa’ holders; Indians to be impacted


MELBOURNE : Australia has declared changes to the '457 visa' program for  skilled foreign workers to constrain their ability to look for another occupation after their official employement ends, , a move that will adversely affect Indians working in the country. 

Foregin workers on a 457 visa will only now be able to stay in Australia for 60 days after their employment ends instead of 90.
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton yesterday said, "From November 19, 2016 the period that a subclass 457 visa holder may stay in Australia after their employment ceases will be reduced from 90 days to 60 days." 

“The change is expected to assist in ensuring that the 457 programme met its intent of acting as a supplement to, rather than a substitute for, Australian workers apart from reducing the vulnerability of 457 visa holders, who were only permitted to work for an approved sponsor and were not eligible for unemployment benefits, from entering into informal employment arrangements.”

The minister said that the government was committed to ensuring that Australian workers have priority and to reducing the potential for temporary visa holders to be exploited. “This change is about reducing competition from overseas workers for those Australians who are actively looking for work,” Dutton said.

“The Government values the contribution made by the many skilled persons who work in Australia on 457 visas, but where there is an Australian worker ready, willing and able to perform a role it is the government’s policy that they have priority,” he said.

He said the government’s approach compared with that of the former Labor government, which increased the time that 457 visa holders may remain in Australia when they cease employment from 28 days to 90 days in June 2013.

“The Subclass 457 programme was not effectively managed by Labor, as with so many other areas of government. Labor’s mismanagement saw the Subclass 457 programme grow from around 68,000 primary visa holders at the end of June 2010 to more than 110,000 when they were removed from office,” he said.

Upcoming to control, the Coalition attempted an independent review of the subclass 457 visa and has been  implementing recommendations of that review since.

This change to 457 visa courses of action is a piece of the administration's continuous responsibility to guarantee uprightness in the program. 

The 457 visa is allowed to remote specialists for a long time and is intended to fill positions that are hard to discover Australians for.There are a scope of various occupations on the rundown from various pay levels and diverse instruction foundations, including neurologists, birthing specialists, bureau producers and lift mechanics. 

In the last money related year, the biggest measure of visas were conceded to cooks. The biggest number of specialists originate from India (26.8 for each penny), trailed by workers from the UK (15 for every penny) and China (6.6 for every penny).