Australia: Couple recovers 4.5 feet long Eastern Brown Snake on bed


Often, some interesting incidents become the subject of discussion. People associated with such incidents lose their senses, as well as those who know about these events are also surprised. Let’s tell you today about such an interesting incident.

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The woman got a snake on her bed

Imagine what would be your condition if you go to sleep on your bed at night and there is a poisonous snake on your bed. This case is from the city of Brisbane, Australia where a snake enters in the bedroom of a couple and sits on their beds.

When the couple saw the snake, they were scared. It was not a simple snake but it was the second most poisonous snake in the world. This snake is called Eastern Brown Snake, which is the second most poisonous snake in the world.

As soon as the couple removed blanket from the bed, the snake was sitting under its cover. After this the couple immediately called the Snake Catching Services, which caught the 4.5 feet long snake and took it with them.

Photos of this snake are getting viral on the Internet

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Elite Snap Catching Services has shared the photo of this snake on Facebook and wrote that “this snake was found in a couple’s bedroom and the location was not good enough to face it.” Over 2,300 people gave their views on this snake photo, and more than 2 thousand people shared this photo. It was also told about this snake that these brown snakes are not aggressive and prefer to stay away from humans.