Australia: Coast Guard evacuates Koala Found At Sea, see photographs


In a surprising incident, Australian Volunteer Coast Guard recovered Koalas on the moorings of a boat on October 8 in Australia at about 300 metres off the coast of Warneet in Victoria. But, luckily the coast guard recovered him.

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“The crew observed the koala dangling onto a rope, that’s why they evacuated him on the boat,” affirmed coast guard Jeremy West.

His body was drained with towels and enclosed in a blanket ahead of being freed into close bushland.

“It was very shocking, it’s not daily you come across a koala in the water! The koala seems very joyful when it was at the backside on boat,” Mr West added.

“It was a great feel story with a joyful conclusion for our fuzzy small companion,” affirmed Deanne Semmens of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard.

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The photographs of Koala have gone viral on the social media. “Glad you found and rescued him and I bet he was very glad too,” a Facebook user wrote. “Well done coast guard,” another said.