Audi Helps Peter Parker pass his driving test


Passing your driving test can be quite an ordeal for most young people. Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman may lead a double life with extraordinary power and great responsibility, however simply like most of us, he needs to drive around as well. And considering the fact that Peter Parker is just under 16 years of age when he gets his powers, a car is possibly the most important thing to have – even if he can swing along from rooftop to rooftop. And so, off goes Peter to his local driving school to give his test in a brand new Audi borrowed from his dear friend Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man.

Audi has always been a part of the Marvel motion pictures, from the Iron Man series to the Avengers and now we see them in the new Spiderman series as well. The short video indicates Peter Parker in a brand new Audi SUV prototype driving with an annoying instructor who searches for every reason to dock points for driving fast, not holding the steering wheel accurately, braking too hard and too close to the car in front, etc. The video however does showcase the new Audi’s capabilities of semi autonomous driving, auto braking and auto parking which makes Peter Parker’s job a lot lot easier.

The new Audi SUV, most likely the upcoming Q8 is just barely teased in the video with its sharp design cues, large multispoke wheels and oodles of power. In fact, the video likewise showcases only a hint of a sporty exhaust note while Peter Parker is passing different cars on the freeway on the instructions of the instructor. Obviously, as expected, soon after passing the parallel parking test with the help of Audi’s park assist, Peter Parker is forced to go back to his alter ego Spiderman to stop some bad folks and still make it back in time to pass his drivers test. It would appear that the Audi has helped Spidey afterall.