Attractive caves to visit across the world


People these days are very fond of travelling and never miss chance to explore new places. Today, we are talking about caves that give different experience to the traveler. You may get scared after going to these caves. The exquisiteness of these caves around the world is worth seeing. Several tourists from across the world visit these caves to see its beauty and get peace. Check out some beautiful caves across the world:

Waitomo Cave, New Zealand: –

This cave is situated in New Zealand from within the river flows. You will get shocked to see its beauty as its roof look similar to stars.

Gulfoss, Iceland-

The water of this cave looks like gold when the sun rays fall on the waterfall. People love to explore this place.

Marble Cave, Patagonia: –

The marble cave is situated in Patagonia. On the top of the cave, blue and green rings have been made due to the reaction of marble and water.