Attempts being made to drive communal wedge in J&K say Nirmal Singh


Forewarning individuals against strengths hostile to peace, Jammu and Kashmir Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh today said that endeavors were being made to drive a shared wedge between different groups in the state.

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"The general population of Jammu and Kashmir has kept up the age-old friendship among differing groups regardless of endeavors by components hostile to peace to make shared wedge between different groups," Singh said while tending to an open meeting in the Hiranagar part in this locale. He said that the general population of the state ought to keep up vigil against the powers recklessly determined bowed to upset peace and concordance.

Singh said that the PDP-BJP organization together was walking ahead with a motivation to bring the state on improvement way by conceiving plans and projects for all segments of society. He said that the present allotment has started formative ventures to meet the yearnings and desires of the general population.

"A few milestone choices like setting up of medicinal schools, designing universities, colleges, AIIMS, IIT, IIM and IIMC other than other framework for getting a quality change the lives of the general population have been taken," he said. Singh said that the administration was pushing forward with a dream to bring the state on the world tourism map.

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