Attari: India’s huge tricolour flag hoisted near Indo-Pak border; Pakistan sobs foul


Amritsar: A 360-foot-high (110 metres) flag of India was hoisted at the Indo-Pak Attari Border on Sunday. It is noted to be the country’s tallest flag.

Tricolour flag post was inaugurated by Punjab state minister Anil Joshi. It is 24 metres wide and weighs 55 tonnes.

Amritsar Improvement Trust Authority built the flag at Rs 3.50 crore on Sunday. It is association of the Punjab government.

“With the model implicit rules for the Assembly races being set up in the express, the priest got extraordinary consent from Election Commission for the introduction,” authorities said.

It has become the alluring element for several tourists who visit border to look at sunset point.

Several visitors from Pakistan side were observed watching the Indian flag with eager interest. The people can easily see flag post from Lahore.

Apart from it, the country’s biggest flag was in Ranchi, Jharkhand. 170-foot high flag post is in Amritsar at Ranjit Avenue Public Park.

Several people of Pakistan have started expressing anxiety on the issue. On Saturday, a meeting was held by Pakistan Rangers along with the Border Security Force (BSF) where they raised concerns over the installation of 360-foot-high (110 metres) flag at international border.

“Not as far as anyone is concerned. It is our national banner and no one can prevent us from raising it on our dirt,” Joshi detailed.