UP: Attackers shot Man , women gang-raped on Bulandsahr-Jewar highway


At Least five criminals attacked family members on Jewar-Bulandshahr highway on Thursday. The culprits gunned down a man when he objected to accuse stabbing the women of the family. The reports revealed that during the incident the women were gang-raped.

At the time of incident, eight members of family were going from Jewar in Greater Noida to Bulandshahar to do get together with relative.

The criminals attacked the vehicle at 1.30 am when family was travelling in car. The reports revealed that the culprits had spread nails all around the road which enforced the driver of the car to stop the car. When the vehicle clogged, the accused looted the family members.

The attackers gunned down a man when he lifted objection to the criminals behaving unappropriately with the women of the family.

The police have started an operation to accuse the culprits. SSP and several other police officials have rushed to the spot to look over the situation. Jewar MLA Thakur Dhirendra Singh also reach to the local hospital to met with the victims.