Attackers Shot And Wounded in Israeli Embassy


JERUSALEM: A suspected attacker was shot and injured close to the Israeli government office in the Turkish capital Ankara today, an Israeli Foreign Ministry representative and Turkish police said. "The staff is protected. The aggressor was injured before he achieved the international safe haven," the representative said in an instant message. "The aggressor was shot and injured by a neighborhood security man."

Turk said the suspect, whom it portrayed as rationally flimsy, had endeavored a blade assault. Turkish police told Reuters the attacker yelled "Allahu akbar", or "God is Greatest", outside the consulate before he was shot in the leg.

Police were looking at his sack however had so far not endeavored to explode it, a Reuters cameraman at the scene said. The zone outside the consulate had been cordoned off. The aggressor was caught at the external border of the secured zone around the government office, the Israeli representative said.

It was not promptly clear if there was a second would-be aggressor, yet Turkish media reports had at first recommended that there had been two assailants. Turkey confronts numerous security dangers, including Islamic State activists, who have been reprimanded for bombings in Istanbul and somewhere else, and Kurdish aggressors, taking after the resumption of a three-decade uprising in the for the most part Kurdish southeast a year ago.