ATM Robbery in Thiruvananthapuram: Customers lose 4.5 lakhs


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In Thiruvananthapuram in an alleged case of ATM robbery, numerous thousands of rupees have been withdrawn by unidentified persons from the accounts of numeral customers without their acquaintance.  Around 20 people lost around Rs 4.5 lakh from a compromised Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in the capital city.  People, who used the ATM of a civic sector bank at Althara junction at Vellayambalam at the city centre, were surprised to established varying amounts withdrawn from their accounts without their information.

It is supposed that the robbery was made following installing a particular electronic device at the ATM counter, enabling the scamters to gather the secret pin code and card details through it. Today, many of the patrons who were duped came to know about the deception subsequent to they received a text message, conveying that money was withdrawn from their accounts. City Police Commissioner G Sparjan Kumar has also further conveyed that, 20 persons had so far reached the bank with grievances that money was withdrawn from their accounts. Mr Kumar has also further conveyed that, as per our information, the manager of the public sector bank so far conventional 20 such complaints. They will officially hand it over to police soon.

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Our main assumption is those who used the ATM at Althara had misplaced money. He has also further conveyed that, police have composed a device from the ATM counter, but it was too untimely to state if the money was withdrawn using it. He has also further conveyed that, we have sought the help of technical specialist. Only following a detailed assessment can we arrive at such conclusions. The police inspected the ATM and recovered a device planted on the ceiling just above the ATM. The hardware resembled a smoke and fire detector and concealed a micro camera. The police said that they have not retrieved any skimmer, an external device which is placed in the card slot to copy account details from the magnetic strips of ATM cards.

The police have also found that all transactions were done in Mumbai. The ATM was already equipped with a smoke detector and the device was planted close to it. According to the cops, the PINs of debit cards were captured using micro camera and fake cards were created with which fraudulent transactions were done. The device established on the ceiling has been handed over to cyber foresnsics for detailed inspection. The cash withdrawals happened during the last 4-5 days. We have learnt that at some point of time all those who lost money used the ATM at Althara. The police will collect CCTV footage from the ATM to find out when and how the device was planted on the ceiling.

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