Atleast 9 people dead as Typhoon hits northern Japan


Atleast Nine people died as cyclone Typhoon hits Northern Japan after heavy rainfall.

“Nine bodies were found Wednesday at a nursing home in the town of Iwaizumi in Iwate prefecture,” Japanese broadcaster NHK said.

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The investigation is in process by the police officials, NHK said. The CCTV footage revealed that various places buried in mud while many other debris which was surrounded by the places washed down from the mountains.

The resident of the nearby area are suffering from dementia as Typhoon occurs daily in the area.

The reports disclosed that two rivers were swollen up by the typhoon have busted through embankments.

On the northern Island of Hokkaido, the embankments gave way before dawn on Wednesday.

Dominant presences in the town of Minami-furano are reporting numerous individuals caught in houses and safe houses by flooding from the Sorachi stream, NHK said.

Elevated photographs from Kyodo News benefit likewise indicated genuine flooding south of Hokkaido in Iwate prefecture on Honshu, Japan's principle island.

Tropical storm Lionrock hammered into northern Japan on Tuesday evening, hitting a territory as yet recouping from the 2011 tidal wave.

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency said no less than three individuals were harmed in three northern prefectures â€" Aomori, Akita and Miyagi since Tuesday.

It made landfall close to the city of Ofunato, 500 kilometers upper east of Tokyo. It's the first run through a tropical storm has made landfall in the northern locale since 1951, when the Japan Meteorological Agency began keeping records.

More than 170,000 individuals were liable to clearing, incorporating 38,000 in Ofunato, as indicated by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency. More than 10,000 homes in the northern area were without power, with electrical cables harmed from the winds.

The March 2011 tremor and torrent left more than 18,000 individuals dead in the wide swaths of Japan's northern coast, incorporating 340 in Ofunato.

At the Fukushima atomic force plant, obliterated by the 2011 calamity, some open air decommissioning work was suspended as an insurance.

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