Atleast 33 al Shabaab fighters died by KDF in two seperate attacks in Somalia


33 Al Shabaab fighters were killed by Somalia National Army in two operations that took place in Southern Somalia on Wednesday.

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In the first operation that was held in Jubaland’s Gobweyn area, nearly 25 fighters were killed by two teams while in second operation, three of the terror group’s technicals were killed.

The Reports revealed that 25 individuals from the fear gathering were murdered amid a hostile against al Shabaab camps close Kismayu in which Amisom troops encompassed the dread posse's positions at Wirkoy span around 40km from Kismayu.

In the interim, a KDF world class group that had caught an al Shabaab logistics supervisor in Kiunga region shocked an endeavor by his assistants to safeguard him. Eight aggressors were slaughtered.

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