Atleast 271 people died due to heavy rains in Maharashtra since April


Atleast 271 people died as heavy rain lashed Maharashtra in April this year. Around 377 houses in Mumbai got broken down while 16,477 houses partially damaged.

State Minister Dileep Kamble asserted that, nearly 1,417 small domestic animals and 1,593 large cattle like cows, bulls and buffalos died.

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Several people died due to heavy rains, hailstorm and other natural calamities from April 1.

"Aurangabad revenue division comprising eight districts is the worst hit in the current year as 70 people died there resulting from natural calamities. Amravati division is on the second number with 66 people losing their lives to such disasters.” Kamble said.

"There are a total of six revenue divisions in the state — namely Konkan, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Amravati and Nagpur," Kamble added.

Around 208 small and 433 major cattle have died in Aurangabad while 31 houses have broken completely and 4,214 got smashed up.

State revenue and relief department said, around 135 major cattle with 49 houses damaged completely and 4,223 houses damaged partially.

This year, 1,008 small animals including 389 major cattle killed due to heavy rains in Nashik.

Around 241 houses were totally harmed in Nashik, while 1,363 houses are somewhat harmed. Around 33 individuals passed on because of comparable causes in Pune division, where 23 little steers and 572 noteworthy dairy cattle have kicked the bucket. The quantity of totally and mostly harmed houses is 27 and 3,466 individually.

Upwards of 31 individuals have passed on in Nagpur division from April to October this year where 61 little and 50 noteworthy dairy cattle have kicked the bucket. Overwhelming showers harmed 18 houses totally; while 2,297 of them were crushed somewhat.

The minimum influenced division in the state is Konkan, which is known for overwhelming precipitation amid the rainstorm. Individuals here know about overwhelming downpours and adjusted to circumstances like surges; consequently the passings from the division are less, an authority from alleviation and recovery expressed.

The Konkan division has reported passings of 10 individuals, while 35 little and 14 substantial cows have kicked the bucket as such. The quantity of totally and somewhat harmed houses is 11 and 814 individually, said the authority.

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