Atleast 20 died and several others wounded in car bomb blast near Syria-Turkey border crossing


Syria: Nearly 20 people including Syrian rebel fighters were died after a car bomb exploded on Thursday near Turkish Syrian Border.

The blast was held on a group of Free Syrian Army Jabhat al Shamiya  near the border crossing on Thursday.

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Several people were wounded and they were taken to the nearby Azaz hospital.

Nearly 25 people were wounded while eight others are in critical condition and they were taken to Turkish hospitals across the border.

"It was hell with many bodies torn and mangled with metal parts from smashed and charred cars," said Abdullah al-Sheikh, a young mechanic said.

The Bab al Salama intersection is near the city of Azaz, a noteworthy fortress of Turkish-sponsored and Western-reviewed direct FSA Syrian revolt warriors required in a noteworthy operation along another extend of outskirt further toward the upper east against the rest of the nearness of Islamic State activists along the fringe.


A few FSA groups additionally cordoned off the zone after word spread there could be another impact.

The assault comes a week after an Islamic State aggressor exploded himself in Atmeh outskirt going between Syria's restriction ranges in the territory of Idlib in northwestern Syria and Turkey.

That impact murdered no less than 25 individuals and focused on for the most part Turkish-sponsored FSA rebels battling close by different groups in Ankara's hostile, named "Euphrates Shield," to push out the jihadists from their last northern Syrian enclave.

Islamic State is battling against all sides, including the Syrian government, outside supported renegades and different US-upheld contenders.

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