Atleast 2 policemen killed, 23 wounded in multiple bombings in Pakistan on Eid


Karachi:  Nearly two policemen were died in a bomb explosion that took place during Eid prayers on Tuesday. Around 13 people were wounded in suicide bombings that targeted Shia mosque in Pakistan.  

“Two police officials were killed and 10 other injured in a blast near a police training centre on Quetta's Sariab road when militants targeted a police patrol vehicle in the area,” police said.

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“Also, four suicide attackers infiltrated Shikarpur district's Khanpur tehsil, 470 kilometres north of Karachi”, police added.

The attack was held to kill people during Eid Prayers. Around 10 people were badly injured including two policemen. The other attacker managed to flee, they said.

In the attack, around three policemen were wounded while one of whom is critical.  Three policemen were injured in the attack, one of whom was critical. Last year, at least 61 people were killed in a suicide attack on a mosque in the district.

Police officer Beherdin Kehrio said, "If the policemen had not prevented these suicide bombers from entering the prayer venues there would have been largescale casualties because of the large gathering because of Eid prayers.”

The policemen stopped the attackers at the Shia mosque as they were looking suspicious. "The other attacker was brought down and arrested," he added.

The victims have been admitted to the hospitals in Shikarpur for treatment.

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