At least 25 killed, 50 injured as two trains collide head-on in Italy


Italy: The incident happened on Tuesday night when at least 25 people died and many others were injured as two passenger trains collided head-on while they were travelling down at a high speed in southern Italy.

The two trains hit each other at 11:30 am while they were travelling down to the small towns of Corato and Andria in the southeastern Puglia region.

On Tuesday evening, the death reached to 25 when a rescue operation was carried out. The rescue operators said that it could climb higher as some of the 50 injured were in serious condition.

“Tears and grief for the victims and their families, but also a lot of anger. We demand clarity over what happened in Puglia this morning,” Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said on Twitter.

“We will remain at the side of the people of Puglia in this moment of great pain and desperation,” he said in the evening. He further added that, transport Minister Graziano Delrio would report to parliament on the accident on Wednesday.

There were four carriages in both the trains. The front carriages of both on each got slammed into one another.

“One of the drivers had died, with no word yet about the fate of the other one” Sky Italia TV said. “It looks like there has been a plane crash,” said the mayor of Corato, Massimo Mazzilli.

After the incident, The field hospital was setup by rescue operators to treat the injured

“I dug through the wreckage and managed to save my husband. But I saw people cut to pieces,” said an elderly woman.

Another survivor said he was thrown to the floor by the impact. “When I got up, I saw hellish scenes around me.”

Just after the incident, the track was operated by a small, private rail company Ferrotramviaria. Moreover, funds will be provided by European Union to construct  a second track along the route.