Astronomers discovered possibility of life on 3 planets


Cape Canaveral. Astronomers have discovered that three planets of the solar system have the same environment as on earth and possibility of life is expected on these planets. A research published in the journal Nature whose chief researcher is Michael Gillen from Belgium said yesterday that the three planets Venus, Earth and Mars are on the same level.

This means that there may be water in liquid state, which is the key ingredient of life as we all know. And the interesting part is, the planet is suitable for the study of atmospheric structure through current advanced technology. This ultimately means that we can explore these planets and could find the possibility of life over there.

Research scientists have said that these planets are very close to each other. That gives a tremendous opportunity for astronomy. For further research on this, telescope in La Silla Observatory in Chile was used. The scientists discovered that the size of these planets is equal to the size of earth.

Astronomers have also revealed 2000 more planets far from this solar system and technology is being developed in order to find the Gas- related biological activities over there.