Astrological tips to get gold at home


The pearl conch is different from the shells kept in the house. Even in appearance, this is different from common shells and it slightly shiny. According to astrology, if this conch is worshiped by law and worshiped in the vicinity, then where it is being kept, there is no shortage of food and grain at that place. You can keep it at home, office or shop any place. There are some rules for keeping this conch, which are as follows…

Place these idols of Lord Ganesha at home!

Put a pearl conch on Wednesday in a clean cloth and apply the swastika sign on it with saffron. After this, chant Shri Shree Mahalaxmayya Namah Mantra. Put one rice with mantras in this conch, the rice stored in the conch should not be broken.

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Place all white rice in a cloth bag and keep the conch in the bag with the rice after 11 days in the bag. Never will you lack any money.