Use Turmeric to remove negative energy from home

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Turmeric acts as a perfect medicine as it involves several essential nutrients. In Hinduism, turmeric is considered very auspicious and beneficial. It not only enhances the taste of food but also provides prosperity in life. It eliminates negative energy from the body. People often use it in havan too.

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Turmeric is of several types. Based on its colors, it is related to different planets. Turmeric is found in yellow, orange and black color. Yellow turmeric is related to Jupiter, orange turmeric is related to Mars and black turmeric is related to Saturn planet. As per astrology, yellow turmeric is used to strengthen the condition of Jupiter planet in the horoscope.

Women can add turmeric in the water to get rid of problems related to marital life.

You can apply turmeric tilak after bathing in the morning. It is considered sacred and gives you power to speak. By wearing turmeric beads and chanting mantras increases knowledge and intelligence. Applying turmeric on the body before bathing helps to provide glow to the face.

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By doing so, negative energy or black magic will get removed.

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