Astrological Measures To Take On Thursday To Improve Financial Situation

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Money plays significant role in every person’s life. It is very important part of life to maintain the status in society. Despite of the great attempts and trials, some people couldn’t able to get money. So, today we have come up with some measures that you should take on Tuesday to improve your financial condition. Let’s check out here:

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Gift or donate yellow clothes on Thursday.

If you found any Trans going on the road on Thursday, then offer some money to them. If possible, also give food to them. After that, ask them to return their coin back.  Place this coin in your neck, cash box or money place. It will help to improve your financial problems.

Before sunrise on Thursday, take a bath and lit up ghee diya. Place it in front of Lord Vishnu and offer prayers.

In the evening, light diya and place it under the banana tree and offer ladoo or gram flour to that tree. After this, divide these ladoo among the people.

On Thursday, after the worship of God, apply tilak of saffron on your forehead. If not saffron, then turmeric tilak can also be applied.

If someone asks for money from you on Thursday, do not lend it. This leads to economic problems.

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Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the lend of Sun, Send and adventures