Vastu Tips For Students


Why Students Lack Concentration?

In exams, Students often face concentration problems while studying. It mostly happens before examination while revising. Some students may not be able to score well despite putting lot of hard work. Here are Astro-Vastu tips for such problems:

Students not scoring well

Some students might face lot of problems while studying. They study a lot but do not score according to their expectations or tend to forget what they have learnt while they are appearing for their examinations. There are some who cannot focus in their studies at all. Vastu Shastra lays down easy techniques for students which not only to help them to concentrate better but also enables them to score high marks.

Tips to score well

a) The study room should be in the northern or western direction.
b) While studying, one should face in the eastern or northern direction. 
c) For best concentration, Blue colour or green Colour are used. These colours can be used in following way: 
• If the Study table is covered with green colour cloth or laminate then for best results soft board in front or side of the student should be of blue colour or vice versa. 
d) The door of the study room should be at the north-eastern direction for beneficial results. 
e) A student should never sit under a beam while studying. If it is present in your child’s room, make sure to mend it or build a false ceiling. 
f) Mirrors in the study room should be covered at night.

Student’s study room

g) Make sure the study table is away from the wall; an open space in front of the table encourages new ideas, approach and sharp memory. There should be no door behind the student.
h) Placing a soothing picture or poster builds a calm atmosphere in the study room. 
i) The study table should be neat and not cluttered with too many books and articles. 
j) The lights of a study room should be bright but not too harsh for the eyes of the students. To energize concentration, the study lamp should be placed on the left. 

How to improve concentration?

k) Too much of dark or dull colours should not be used in the child’s study room. It is best to choose vibrant and cheerful colours such as light blue, cream, light green, white and pink. 
l) A student should sit on a wooden chair while studying. The book shelf should not be placed on the eastern wall or in front of the study table.
m) A student should sleep with his head towards East or South direction but avoid North direction.
n) You can keep a money plant in an earthen pot at the side of the study table. Keeping an aquarium at the North-East corner produces a soothing effect in the study room.
o) A small crystal on the table is good for keeping concentration.

Tips For parents

1. Do not touch anything in a student’s private place without their consent.
2. Arrange their books, notebooks and study material with their knowledge.

Location of Study Room/ Study Corner

The study room is preferred in East, North East and West. Students should study facing East or North. Professionals having large bookshelves and libraries should be preferable position their study room either in South West or West.

Tools for better concentration and infallible memory

These are general Astro-Vastu tips for ensuring good mind and sharp memory during preparatory leave and examination days. Personalized Tips will work wonders considering elements, individual planets, Dasha and Study Subjects. Remedial measures will incorporate particular gems, crystals, food, herbs, cell salts, aroma, colours, Motivating Sounds, Mantras and healing codes.