Asia in 3 minutes: ‘No room’ for gays in Indonesia, Vietnam fortifies islands



 A bad week for Chinese foreign investments, and the rest from across the continent in the past seven days Vietnam puts rocket launchers on questioned land

9 ISIS suspects arrested by Malaysia police across four states

Vietnam has circumspectly outfitted a few of its islands in the questioned South China Sea with new portable rocket launchers fit for striking China's runways and army bases over the imperative exchange course, as indicated by Western authorities. Representatives and military officers said knowledge indicated Hanoi had transported the launchers from the Vietnamese territory into position on five bases on the Spratly Islands as of late. The launchers are avoided ethereal observation and are yet to be equipped, yet could be made operational with rocket mounted guns rounds in a matter of days, sources said.

What's next? Vietnam's outside service denied the reports, depicting them as "wrong". Assuming genuine, the move is a sensational stride by Beijing's previous close associate which lately has been seen to have nearer ties with the United States. Vietnamese powers may not be impressive but rather US support is, and territorial pressures are prone to increment.

Australia to square Chinese bidders from renting matrix, refering to security

Australia said on Thursday it wanted to square Chinese bidders from renting a noteworthy Sydney power matrix, on national security grounds. Treasurer Scott Morrison said China's State Grid Corporation and Hong Kong-enrolled Cheung Kong Infrastructure Group had until next Thursday to react to his preparatory perspective that their renting a 50.4 for every penny stake in Ausgrid for a long time would not be in the national premium. Morrison declined to detail the security issues raised by the arrangement. Chinese state media responded furiously, with Xinhua news organization pummeling the choice as "crazy and just about comical".What's next? Chinese venture, especially from state-possessed firms, has turned out to be more antagonistic in Australia as Beijing gets more decisive in the South China Sea. The US$7.7m billion the arrangement would have made Australia was implied for base. That cash will now need to originate from elsewhere.Candidate Clinton says she will face China on exchange bargains

In America, Democratic presidential applicant Hillary Clinton advised her supporters on Thursday she will safeguard US interests against China and reject the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), coordinating a key arrangement stage of her Republican rival Donald Trump. "My message to each specialist in Michigan and crosswise over America is this: I will stop any exchange bargain that slaughters occupations or holds down wages, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership," Clinton said. "I will face China and any other person who tries to exploit American specialists and organizations," she demanded.

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