ASCI rapped Patanajali and several other consumer brands for misleading advertising


India's publicizing controller Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has rapped Patanjali Ayurved among a few purchaser brands, for example, Arvind Lifestyle and Cinthol for deluding messages in their promoting. In an announcement, ASCI said Patanjali's case in the ad of its vitality bar, "Chocolate ki bhuri aadat se chutkara payein," was not substantiated and is misdirecting.

It additionally said the case "unjustifiably maligned the whole class and classification of chocolates." A Patanjali Ayurved representative has purportedly reacted to the affirmations saying "ASCI is an unlawful body. It has no power to question us… its activities are only an aggregate scheme by some multi-national organizations."

ASCI's Consumer Complaint Council additionally said it has maintained dissensions against 98 out of 159 commercials as of June. Different items rapped by ASCI include: Patanjali Ayurved's Patanjali Juices: ASCI said its notice's case, "Will despite everything you drink costly organic product juices with less natural product mash or drink less expensive Patanjali organic product juices with more organic product mash for good wellbeing and all the more sparing," was not substantiated and was "horribly deceptive."

Godrej's Cinthol Deo Stick: ASCI said the deo stick commercial's claim,"3X longer" was unverified and "misdirecting by equivocalness and misrepresentation" as the item has been tried against just two promoted items, which did not speak to the real market pioneers or players or all the antiperspirant item designs. Arvind Lifestyle Brands' "Flying Machine": The controller rapped the denim producer for its "Kiss my Ass!" line for its denim advertisements for objectifiying ladies. "It is prone to bring about grave and far reaching offense," the ASCI said. Likewise, the open air advertisement with a feature "What an Ass!" read in conjunction with "the visual of a lady exhibited in a particular stance externalizes ladies."

Kent RO Systems' Kent Superb Water Purifiers: ASCI charges the commercial of Kent Superb, the case, "World's first" Smart RO Water Purifier is false and not substantiated. Amar Ujala Publications: The daily paper's case in the feature, "Uttar Pradesh ka No.1 Akhbaar", is not substantiated and is deluding by vagueness and suggestion," ASCI said.