As temperature mount to record high, no relief for North & Central India


New Delhi. The entire North India is in the porch of scorching heat. The rising temperatures have thrown life out of gear in many parts of north and central India. Jalore in Rajasthan measured the temperature at 49.8 degree yesterday that got 2 people dead.

Several states including Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab are battling intense heat with temperature crossing 45 degrees.

Phalodi in Rajasthan sizzled at 51 degrees Celsius- the highest recorded. However, summer heat hit the tail of Jammu & Kashmir where the hilly city recorded the temperature at 40 degrees in the past 2 days.

In Ahmedabad, extreme heat conditions broke a 100-year-old record with the maximum temperature in the city touching 48 degrees Celsius.

The residents of Delhi are also twirling under scorching conditions. Frequent power cuts have added to the gloom.

In Uttar Pradesh, suffocating conditions prevailed due to existing dry weather and intense heat wave. Banda endured the hottest place in the state for the third straight day, recording the maximum at 47.2 degrees.

Haryana and Punjab are also in the hold of strong heat wave. On Thursday, most places in the two states recorded season’s hottest day so far.

The Indian Meteorological Department on Wednesday issued a “severe heat wave” alert for parts of north and central India.