‘Arvind Kejriwal doing politics of stuntmanship’, says Punjab CM Parkash Singh Badal


Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal has strongly criticized AAP national convenor Arvind Kejriwal for his shameful comments about Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday.

Badal said that “Kejriwal’s remarks were the outcome of political desperation in the face of daily exposure of criminal role of his party and partymen”.

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 Arvind Kejriwal had portrayed Narendra Modi as the “mastermind” behind the arrests of AAP MLAs in his 10 minute video. Kejriwal even made shameful comments about Modi that he will even get him killed in some days.

 “This is politics of stuntmanship at its lowest and it does not suit a person holding the chief minister’s office,” said Badal.

Badal also asked Kejriwal to “stop reducing politics to cheap, street theatre” and to “return to politics of development and service of the people”.

“We are here to perform our fundamental tasks of serving the people and not to indulge in theatrical tactics and tantrums. We must be serious and responsible in our approach in the discharge of responsibilities given to us by the people,” said Badal in a statement.

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“It is worrying how Kejriwal’s statements and actions are inflicting serious damage to India’s image throughout the world. He is treating the world’s largest democracy as a joke and is making our country and our democracy the butts of international ridicule,” Badal added.

“You must not allow your megalomania to make reckless remarks about Modi, who secured the largest mandate any Indian prime minister had won since 1984. These utterly reckless remarks amount to insulting millions and millions of people in this country, who have repeatedly reposed their faith and confidence in Modi, first as the chief minister of Gujarat and later as the nation’s prime minister,” Badal told Kejriwal.