Your Mobile Number may get discontinued. See why?

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The country's 50 million mobile users have risk of their mobile number closure. It is about the new threat associated with KYC. Telecom companies can discontinue those numbers whose any other documents apart from Aadhaar Card has not been submitted ever .

A few days ago, the Supreme Court, hearing in the Aadhaar case, had ordered that mobile companies could not use the Aadhaar number for identification of the users. Whereas condition is that more than 500 million numbers are running on the basis Aadhaar Card identification. In such a way, telecom companies will have to delete user Aadhaar base data. The number will be closed by the telecom companies with the removal of Aadhaar Card if any other documents are not submitted by the users.

There is a serious consideration on this issue in the government department. Telecom Department is interacting with the Aadhaar Authority for how to resolve the issue. Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundarajan met the mobile companies on Wednesday to find a solution.

As far as the mobile companies are concerned, Reliance Jio has distributed the highest number on the basis of Aadhar Card because its database and network operations are based on biometric identification. As of September of this year, Jio's 25 million users have been connected, as the company announced on Wednesday. Let us tell you that the biggest challenge of the Aadhaar Card base is in front of Jio.

Apart from Jio, similar threat has arisen in front of Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL and MTNL.

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