Will your SIM get blocked if you don't carry the minimum amount of recharge?

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Telecom companies can soon send you a message like a bank. In this, you will be asked to recharge your SIM card with the minimum amount, or your number will be closed. It is being decided by different subscribers but if you will not recharge with minimum amount than your SIM will be deactivated.

These rules will not be applicable to postpaid users, because they pay by the end of the month, according to the plan. Talk about prepaid user almost all companies have launched unlimited plans, whose validity ranges from one month to three months.

According to the report, Airtel and Vodafone users are getting the warning message from the company, in this message it is written that your Vodafone number XXXXXXXXXX will stop, Keep the number recharge from any unlimited all rounder. '

This message is being sent to Vodafone users who have no minimum balance. Airtel has kept the minimum balance of 35 rupees, while you have to maintain a minimum balance of Rs 65 for continuing Vodafone SIM.

After getting these messages, if you cannot maintain with minimum recharge then the company will send you such message continuously for 15 days. After this, outgoing calls and mobile data will be stopped. Even after this, if you do not recharge from the minimum amount, then your incoming call will also be closed and then, you will receive a message that will tell you how long you can recharge. According to SIM's validity, you have to reactivate and recharge it.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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