Let’s see will masses will applaud the idea or will give a second thought.

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Known face of managing editor ,social media , India today group Prerna Koul Mishra hosted the conclave 2019 where face book India’s President and vice President Amit Mohan came into public existence and during this program they briefed about privacy, connectivity, artificial intelligence

In this entire session Amit Mohan briefed that his major concern is regarding the connectivity .according to Mr. Mohan lot of masses should get connected the face book being a social medium should connect or gather more and more spectators

When Prerna touch the nods by questioning about the privacy policy in the India today conclave program they seem to be giving the same stuttered answers which we all have heard from face book C.E.O Mark zukerberg, after all we all know about the Cambridge Analytica blunder. but no doubt there are lot of changes occurred in terms of privacy which we all have came across.

Further Amit also elaborated that nowadays face book is focusing on controlling the masses through data also emphasized the key features of face book how interactive medium it is so that a layman can make lucrative amount of lump sum or small business. So the main focus is on connectivity so that people should connect globally.

.there will be a tool launched from artificial intelligence end as we all know that it’s very helpful for the common masses

Nothing much said in terms of privacy feature just stated that still there is lot more to do its vast and we cannot hamper masses security we will make it better and clear no fraudulent activities are entertained.

We all know it becomes our key role to provide security, safety especially when it comes to online data we cannot compromise at any cost .there are billions of masses connected through internet portal

So we are trying to shape up a good standard platform which will definitely connect overseas to overseas.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures