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Telecom world's Jio company that has added a lot of customers in a short span of time. Combating Airt with Jio, Airtel was working hard for many years to become a giant company. But in the time of only 2 years and 6 months, by Jio Company, it has won the title of the company which has the highest customer in the short run, overtaking many legendary companies. The whole credit goes to Jio's affordable offers and the first 4G internet is available.

Due to the economical offers of the Jio Company, many companies had to face a lot. At the same time, so many companies have disappeared from the telecom market forever. The Jio Company had examined the market even before landing in the telecom market. Jio had solved the problems faced by the people, the stairs of success rose. Prior to the arrival of Jio, the prices of data in the telecom market were touching the heights of the sky. At the same time, the speed of the internet was so slow that people were wasted a lot of time.

Jio removes the troubles coming from Slow the Internet after landing in the telecom market. At the same time, Jio started providing data in economical rates. However, in the initial period, data call, SMS and roaming facility was provided by Jio absolutely free. But later, the convenience of providing data, calling, SMS and roaming were made available in the same plan in affordable price. Prior to Jio, no company was able to make all kinds of benefits available in a single plan at affordable prices.

These days, by Jio, the telecom market has hit the offer with ₹ 399 offers. Due to the availability of all types of benefits in affordable prices, this offer has saved the sweat of many giants. Although other companies have offered ₹ 399 offers, they are given less data than Jio. Jio company ₹ 399 offers live validity of 84 days to live customers. Along with this, it offers 84 days of unlimited data usage.

In this offer, 84 days of local and STD numbers are also provided free of charge for free voice calling facility. Speaking of 4G Speed ​​Data, in total, 126 GB 4G Speed ​​data is provided in this offer. Meaning 1.5 GB data is provided for up to 84 days per day.

Even if live customers lose 4G speed data per day, then customers are given the speed of 64 kbps to use unlimited internet. In addition to this offer of live SMS and roaming facilities are made available free of cost in this offer of Jio. This offer of Jio has become the customer's first choice because of all types of benefits in the affordable price.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures