Does the slow speed of the phone upsets you,  try these tricks to avoid your phone from hanging

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Have you ever noticed that why your phone is running so slow, while your friend has the same company's model which runs very fast? The biggest reason for this is the phone's space. If your phone's space is full, then your phone will hang again and will run slow. In the phone space, there are several such apps that are stored, which are quietly stealing your phone's space.

If you want your mobile phone to never hang, then it is important to clean the phone space for at least a month or at least one month. Also, update your system whenever you ask for a mobile update. We are going to tell you here how can you free up your phone space and increase your phone's speed.

After downloading the app, if you have stopped using it then uninstall it. Apart from this, you use the app you use, organize them on your mobile screen. If possible, keep them in one sequence, so that whenever you want to find an app, you will not be disturbed.

Firstly uninstall the non-mobile applications that are uninstalled. Because the app that is not used, they spend unusable data and surround the space.

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Keep the storage free

Talking about storage, most of the mobile phones are now coming up with more space. In such a way, we keep everything aside. Do you know that getting more data saved also causes problems? In such a way that messages, gifs, games, videos or photos are not of your work, delete them. Having space in storage will make mobile easier to operate.

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You can make such settings in your mobile for how long to keep a message or video. After its time period is over, it will be deleted.

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Mobile occupies the largest storage photos and videos on the mobile. So you can keep them in the online cloud backup. After saving in the online cloud you can delete these photos and videos from your mobile. You can access them anytime by saving in the cloud.

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