Channel Pack: 9 million subscribers selected TRAI's new system by selecting channels of choice

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Tech desk| Telecom regulator TRAI said that out of 17 crore cable TVs and DTH customers have come to the new tariff system by selecting their favorite channels. TRAI is constantly monitoring the situation for consumers to avoid any problem. Indian Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI) Chairman RS Sharma said, "According to our data, the number of people coming to the new system has increased and we hope that the rest of the people will be able to select their favorite channels soon."

Sharma said that the nine crore subscribers who have chosen their favorite channels have 6.5 crore cable TV subscribers and 2.5 DTH subscribers. He said, "Of the total 17 crore TV channel subscribers, 9 crore have registered with the operator about the channel of choice. This is a large number. There are 10 crore cable subscribers in 17 crore customers.’

TRAI Chairman said that since DTH is a pre-paid model, people will select their channel as soon as the long and short-term packs of the customers are finished. Sharma emphasized, 'Wherever we are also helping the operators and showing them the way. This is what is also called regular meeting to clarify the problems. '

He said that there is also a plan to increase the reach of the regulatory customers and to raise awareness campaign. TRAI will run campaigns through social media, print media, advertising and other programs to spread awareness amongst consumers.

TRAI recently asked the TV operators to return to the plan to provide special schemes and plans for those who hold many TV connections. TRAI had clarified that if the consumers want the operator can set different set top boxes within the same house.

Sharma said that TRAI had received three operators’ responses for special schemes for many connections houses but at this time it is not necessary to intervene in this matter. Crisil had claimed in his report that the cost of viewing the TV from the new regulatory system has increased by 25 percent. However, TRAI has rejected this claim.

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