Big campaign against Cyber ​​Crime, warning message on searching child pornography

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Tech Desk| In India, government has put up some strict actions against Child Pornography. After the Supreme Court order, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have now taken steps to prevent this by changing their systems. These strict steps have been taken in keeping child pornography in mind. Now if a user searches for something related to child pornography, then a message will appear as a warning and it will prove to make it unable to find anything related to it.

Now if a person searches for child pornography or something related to it then a warning message will appear on your screen, “Warning. Child abuse is illegal Creating, possessing, and viewing child pornography content (imagery or video) is prohibited by law. If you see such activity, report it at If you are a victim of child abuse, please consider calling Childline for support.”

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Electronics and Information and Broadcasting has sent list of keywords related to child porn to these companies which are used to search porn. It means that it will make it impossible to search on child porn on Google or other search engines or any other web browser. There is also a second aspect of this decision, which is very important for us to know.

Associated with an NGO of Hyderabad and lawyer Aparna Bhatt said, "This technique is not 100 percent effective today. We saw many of these keywords on the Internet but they do not work. It means that people are still searching the child porn on the Internet. "Aparna Bhatt has filed an appeal in the Supreme Court which has ordered all social media platforms not to upload the porn.

Apart from this, the most popular chatting app has also seen its agreement to take strong action against porn. At the same time, these keywords have not been introduced in any form to the public so that people can not break them by bypassing them. These keywords are mostly of English language and include keywords from Hindi and other languages.

According to the information, Google is already looking tough against child pornography, but since the order of the Supreme Court, the rest of the search engines are standing against child pornography.

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