Apple New iPhone: Apple can launch three new iPhones this year with

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Tech Desk| Apple can launch three new smartphones by the end of this year. According to the report of The Wall Street Journal, Apple will present two other smartphones with an LCD display smartphone as the successor to the iPhone XR. The company can offer three rear cameras in one of the three smartphones to be launched in the year 2019. Although this is a rumor, it has no official confirmation.

The company will launch this smartphone to compete with Android smartphones which has three rear cameras setup. About a week ago the leaked reports of this new iPhone feature were revealed. The Apple 3D rear facing camera can be given in the new iPhone that will launch in 2019.

Along with this, the company is preparing to bring the OLED screen for all models from year 2020. If Apple takes such a step then the iPhone's price will rise once again next year. Apple is impressed with the trade war between America and China. It is worth noting that Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said in a letter sent to investors on January 2 that the company is now expected to receive revenue of $ 84 billion, while estimating revenue for the first 89 billion dollars to 93 billion dollars was installed.

Let us tell you that Apple has made a cut of 10 percent in the current production plan of the new iPhones for the January-March quarter. Cook said, "Even though we had anticipated challenges in some major emerging markets, we could not predict the recession of large scale, especially in large-scale China."

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