A bug in google Plus, If you want to delete your account, then read it

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Google's social media website Google Plus is in news. The reason for this is that the user data was in danger. The company has made preparations to close Google Plus for users. According to the company, due to a bug, five lakh accounts were in danger. But before that the information of that bug was detected by some company. But it is still being in process to shut down for the users.

Google has not told what the fault was and how users were in danger. If you wish, you can delete it before it is closed.

First log in to Gmail with your Google ID. Click on your profile photo in the corner at the top right corner here. You will be here directly from the Google Plus page. You will get the settings option on the left here. Below the account section, your google + option will appear. Here you must enter a password and make verification. Some conditions have to be ticked and finally the delete button will appear. When you click this you will see a survey screen that you wish to click or ignore it.

According to Google, in the affected data, it includes the personal data such as names, emails, businesses, genders and agencies given in the Google Plus profile. Google has said, 'We have not received any evidence that the developer keeps information about this bug or any profile data has misused it."

According to Google, these personal details were potentially at risk of approximately 5 million users. Significantly, Google has been shutting down Google Plus for only users, but it will continue for enterprise users. Because it is used more for companies.

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