Yuvraj Singh got a buyer in IPL, he will go in the field with this team's jersey!

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Preparations for the IPL Indian Premier League 2020 have already started. All team players have been exchanged and players who have been released. He will now go to the auction. Among these players, former explosive batsman Yuvraj Singh's name has also been included.


Yuvraj Singh has been released by Mumbai India. There was a big shock for Yuvraj Singh but now Yuvraj Singh has got a buyer. There are also some signs that Yuvraj Singh can now play for Kolkata Knight Riders.

KKR CEO gives hints to buy Yuvraj

that Venky Mysore, CEO of Kolkata Knight Riders, has made such a tweet with this, it can be speculated that Yuvraj Singh can be seen playing on behalf of Kolkata Knight Rider in the next season of IPL.

Actually, before the IPL auction, Kolkata Knight Riders have released their most players. In which the team's explosive batsman Chris Lynn was also involved. Yuvraj Singh did not like this and he strongly criticized KKR for the decision to release Ali.

KKR CEO gave this answer ...

Now KKR Bank's CEO has responded to the criticism of Yuvraj Singh. In which he has indicated that KKR can buy Yuvraj Singh. In a tweet tagging Yuvraj Singh in Mysore, he has said.

Yuvraj, we released Chris Lynn so that we could bid for you, now both the champion players have a lot of respect and love. Let us tell you that Chris Lynn, who was released from KKR, is also a part of the Maratha Arabian team in the Abu Dhabi T10 League these days.

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