Top 7 Amazing Photos of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, Number 1 is the most romantic

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You all know that Virat and Anushka's pair is the most popular celebrity couple in India. Virat Kohli is the captain of the Indian cricket team and Anushka Sharma is the top Bollywood actress. They got married in Italy on December 11 in 2017. Both share photos on their Instagram account on social media. Due to their selfie-style, both are very much in the news. So let's see his top 7 pictures.


7. Birthday Selfie:

This selfie was taken by Virat on Anushka's birthday. In which Virat is feeding cake to Anushka and Anushka also looks very beautiful. Anushka had her first birthday after marriage.

6. Friendship Day Selfie:

Anushka Sharma, while celebrating Friendship Day with husband Virat Kohli, shared this selfie on her Instagram account. Both of them look very beautiful and happy with it.

5.Day-Out Selfie:

Anushka and Virat take some time out of their busy time, this is known through this selfie. Under the selfie, Virat wrote, 'Day-out with my beauty.'

4.New Year Selfie:

This is Virat and Anushka's first New Year selfie which they took in Cape Town and also congratulated everyone for the new year.

3. Car Selfie:

Virat Kohli does not let any chance of taking a selfie. It has taken a selfie in the car. Virat looks smart in a T-shirt and jacket and Anushka looks cute in a yellow dress.

2. Honeymoon Selfie:

This was Virat and Anushka's first selfie after marriage. In this picture, both looked very cute and could not stop their happiness. In the caption below it was written, 'I am truly in heaven'.

1. Relax Time Selfie:

Virat and Anushka have the best selfie out of all. In the selfie, Anushka is seen kissing Virat and Virat is clicking a selfie. This selfie clearly shows the deep love between the two.

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