Former captain's big claim, said this time in this World Cup Pakistan can beat India

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Sports| Former Pakistan captain Moin Khan believes that the current team can wash away the humiliation of losing India in the World Cup and can claim the first win in the next World Cup in England. India and Pakistan have played six times in the World Cup so far and every time the Indian team has won. The two teams will be in Manchester on June 16 in front of each other in the 12th edition of the One Day Cricket match.

Speaking to a news channel, Mune said, "The present team can register the first win in India in the World Cup because it is very important. There is depth and diversity in it and Sarfaraz Ahmed has a good rapport with the players. '

Moin, who was a member of the Pakistan team in the World Cup 1992 and 1999, said that he is confident of Pakistan's victory this time. He said, "Our team made them friendly in the Champions Trophy two years ago in cell phones and in England, because we have better bowlers."

Moin told India and England in the World Cup's strong contenders. "It will be an interesting World Cup and I think the Pakistani team will beat India. We are going to the World Cup after playing one-day matches against South Africa, Australia and England. '

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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