Valentine Day 2019: Apart from listening I Love You, boys expect these things from girls!

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All the boyfriends like to hear I Love You from their girlfriend, and sometimes, some boys also insist on the phone to hear these words. But some boys expect more from their partner than just I love you, because expressing love is not just love, but they also have to stand emotionally with them. At the same time, some girls feel that they have expressed their love for their partner but it is not so, because your partner expects something more than love from you. Let's know what should girls do for their boyfriends instead of telling them just I Love You.

Give your boyfriend your time

Sometimes it happens that when you are eating dinner together on the dining table, but you are engaged in using the phone. This can make your male partner may feel bad. He might feel that you don’t care about him. So whenever you have dinner with your partner, talk to him at that time and maintain a contact with him.

Dress up according to your boyfriend's choice

It does not matter how long you have been in the relationship. But you can give a message in the way you prepare yourself that you want to be good for them. Dress yourself in that dress so that you can know about his desires. A research conducted by researchers at Rochester University in New York found that women dressed in red dress is preferred by men more.

Make food that he likes

It is said that the path of the heart of your male partner goes through the stomach, so whenever you want to make your partner feel special, then prepare the food which is his favorite. Make his favorite dish so that you can reach his heart.

Take care of yourself

Any boyfriend starts liking their partner more, when she takes care of him very much. Therefore, you should recommend stress reduction, quit smoking and eat right to your boyfriend. They should feel that you want to stay with them for a long time and you do not want to lose them.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures